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DaaS Africa

A data collection company specialising in infrastructure, agriculture and tourism sectors.



DaaS Africa provides agriculture, tourism and infrastructure data for the use of businesses and governments.

We gather and collect data across Africa, to assist in evidence-based decision making.

Our datasets allow businesses and governments to utilize data as a decision making tool, to achieve more impactful results.


“The best-run companies are data-driven, and this skill sets businesses apart from their competition.”

Tomasz Tunguz.


Datasets and Data benefits


Datasets are fundamental to foster the development of several computational fields, giving scope, robustness, confidence to results. Datasets became popular with the advance of artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

Datasets provide information by providing information for investors and companies looking to leverage new and unrealized trends

Data when utilized in an IT enabled environment can lead to the replication of good ideas and facilitates a degree of consistency in business practices

Data helps you solve problems, by tracking and reviewing data you can uncover performance breakdowns and create processes for improvement

Data is pivotal in understanding your customers and market and can guide strategic business decisions that align with company objectives



We provide collection of data in different formats.

Geospatial Market Maps

By combining the benefits of Geospatial imagery and market maps .We are able to identify gaps & opportunities in different sectors.


Hire us to collect data, we can also clean, restructure, sort and analyze your existing data.


SADC – Covid 19 Dashboard

DaaS Africa developed the first SADC – COVID -19 which is a dynamic, visual tool for communicating COVID-19 data as the virus surged through the largest regional block in Africa. Dashboards can inform decision-making and support behavior change.


Detect And Mitigate Anomalies

Compiled and aggregated structured, semi- and unstructured traffic data outlining
where accidents happened, to dive into root causes and assist in facilitating
solutions to reduce these accidents.



Improve Customer Integrations

We were able to assess customer touch points within a franchise company, to gain a
360-degree view of the customer’s behaviour and motivations for improved tailored
marketing. We also included data sources such as social media, sensors, mobile
devices, and sentiment and call log data.


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